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Underground Railroad | IDCA (

John Todd and the Underground Railroad: Biography of an Iowa Abolitionist, by James Patrick Morgans

The Underground Railroad on the Western Frontier: Escapes from Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa and the Territories of Kansas, Nebraska and the Indian Nations, 1840-1865, by James Patrick Morgans

Necessary Courage: Iowa’s Underground Railroad in the Struggle against Slavery (Iowa and the Midwest Experience), by Lowell J. Soike

African-Americans in Iowa, 1838-2005,

For Additional Reading:

The Todd House, Tabor Iowa was an important southwest Iowa Underground Railroad stop. It’s where the ride starts!
Freedom seekers could find support at the Hitchcock House, near Lewis, Iowa in Cass County. It’s near the ride’s destination on Saturday.
The State Historical Society of Iowa has an overview of the Iowa Underground Railroad with background and stories, it features sites connected to Freedom Seekers with John Brown in 1859 including the Todd House and Hitchcock House
Find names of individuals listed by county who engaged in activity on Iowa’s Underground Railroad network. It is a site from the State Historical Society of Iowa.